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Zoretti Bae & Photographer Collaboration Guidelines

by Dace williams on August 16, 2020


Brand Ambassador Guidelines:

1. Each Zoretti Bae is allowed 2 free items per month ; one every other week.

2. All brand ambassadors must post within 7 days of receiving the product. Thank You :)

3. When posting a video please make sure that you post a photo as well to your timeline and stories.

4. Upload your photos to the Dropbox link provided to you in email. This link is also in the Affiliate portal under instructions. The best photos will be used for ADs, and Zoretti’s social media.

5. If you do not post in time or don’t post on your timeline you can be deactivated.

6. If you would like to buy items we will be providing all Zoretti Bae's a coupon code for free shipping.

7. Most importantly have FUN!


Photographer Collaboration Guidelines: 

1. Each photographer is allowed the following items:

- 1 model = 2 items
- 2 models = 4 items
- 3+ models = 6 items

    6 items is the max per shoot . All models used must be 18 or older. 

    2. Must provide IG names of the models being used . We will not contact them , but we would like to know who will be shot in our clothing. Also they will be tagged in social media post .

    3. Send edited photos once you are finished editing.

    4. Most importantly thank you for collaborating with Zoretti!